maybe things get a little harder now. I may have more tools and greater mindfulness but I am in an interesting in between place. I have to face these challenging real life moments with two selves: the one who is bruised and scared to let go of habits, ego and past; the other who is healing towards transformation. one is fighting against death, the other is fighting for birth.

I can see and feel both selves so intimately.


4 thoughts on “

  1. Thank you for your words of truth

    In our happy moments, bliss occupies our thoughts and we feel the scale of all that is splendid but just as we live this happiness, so too does Living- real living require of us to experience pain and sadness, leaving tender scars. But and still we are unconquerable so long as at the core of this battle of both selves we remember that in Love we were formed and into Love we shall return:)

  2. Damn. I really relate to that. Reading it lit some kind of insight inside of me and also helped me feel less alone with that struggle between selves. Thanks Bee.

  3. hell yeah. it’s such a nice feeling to not be in judgment that i’m not already “there” yet. my selves aren’t judging one another, they are just in observation. brings so much spaciousness.


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