how can i subscribe to monogamy or polyamory when i’m still learning how to love?


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  1. i’ve often thought (as a poly person) that polyamory is so hopeful. it’s hard enough to connect authentically with yourself, even harder with one other person. how wonderful that we dare to dream of the possibility of multiple authentic, honest, and compassionate relationships!

  2. exactly! for me, right now, as i’m delving deeper into who i am and my infinite resource of love, the question of whether i’m monogamous or polyamorous seems unanswerable because the root of being able to be any one of those is being able to love, completely and honestly. and i dont think i’m there yet or close. this doesn’t mean i will not be in romantic relationship with others but it does mean coming up with flexible agreements with those i do come across as wanting to have that with. trying to create something creatively so unconditionality in love and honesty is able to be a possibility- albeit this will likely be messssy.

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