“the collapse of a giant star = the collapse of capitalism. without the existence of it, revolution of the masses could not exist.”

“event horizon [the boundary that when approached, no object is able to escape the gravitational pull of the black hole] = the moment in history where no person will be able to escape the inevitability of revolution.”

“black hole= revolution.”


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  1. hahaha thank you! after i posted it, i started adding to the analogy: once you pass the event horizon, objects begin to stretch into deconstruction because of the strong gravitational pull of the black hole, which can be analogous to the masses stretching to the point of deconstructing the conditioned reality that has been imposed upon them… deconstructing the oppression and its intersections, our social relations, capitalism and its ingrained violence, so on. as we move closer to revolution, we must deconstruct simultaneously or we wont move at all.

    and and and! the collapsing star is actually collapsing onto itself, more and more and more, somewhat like implosions where the star becomes so dense in matter that it creates the conditions of its own death… or more accurately, its reincarnation into a black hole. capitalism itself is creating the conditions for its own implosion where it can do nothing else but wait for its reincarnation into revolution.

    yaaaaaaaaaaa science!
    ok love you too hahaha

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