wind, you are resolved today-

and i hear you.

you will no longer hold our secrets for us,

and i understand.

they have weighed on you heavily

kept you from moving as freely

inspired rage in the gusts we feel

and i feel you.

your pain sweeps across my neck

and am again reminded:

you were once in movement with


the inverse of each statement holds true as competition (i.e. why them?/ why me?; i deserve.../ i don't deserve; etc.)

our thoughts and feelings work together to trigger and reify competition within ourselves. competition is just our overstimulated need for self preservation- it is our ego, our trauma and our internalization of the system.

how can i break down my conditioning towards competition? 

  • note to self: this is comparing/ competitive mind as often as i observe it.
  • repeat to self what i already understand but do not consistently act with: everyone deserves self preservation and happiness.
  • contextualize my reactions: what triggered my reaction of competition? where did i feel it? what trauma/pain/conditioning is attached to it?
  • practice loving-kindness meditation to affirm one’s self and community.
  • weaken perception of scarcity by strengthening generosity: more sharing, more listening, more presence.
  • participate in the revolutionary struggle to overthrow capitalism! ;)