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let my fingers sink into the earth of your skin.

fingerfuck your textures

moving from granite to sand

falling between grains

into you.


4 thoughts on “

  1. express. the. sex.
    haven’t been even help it, the world and my peoples ;) have been inspiring me to.
    thank you boo <3

    • P.S. I really do love this piece of art in its totality. I would love to see it hanging on my wall and I think many others would too! You have so many delightful and powerful things to say and visualize. Make more and then come out to the art murmur with us :)

      • you make me feel warm and fuzzy!
        art murmur-ahhhhhhhhhhhh- scary to put yourself out there with things you feel vulnerable around. i will feel myself out and see if i’m down haha

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