mistakes made by our comrades, mistakes that hurt us, cause us to feel unsafe, degrade our idea of what revolutionary struggle is supposed to be like, are inevitable. we must come to terms with this because we’re all just trying to figure out how to best work towards collective liberation- we are still in the process of evolving towards love.

how then are we to support ourselves and others in these mistakes, in not getting it all the way right, so that it will serve our beautiful struggle?


a time is arriving when destruction will no longer be harmful but the other side of creation. it will be synonymous with spaciousness and pause. it will be the necessary and the needed. it will be the bearer of revolution.

soon, we will be here, finally and again, in the glorious presence of all that builds and is broken, all that rises and that falls.

we will be here, finally and again, wholly open.

i have noticed that the different periods of dialectical shifts in my life- experiencing the trauma, processing, growing and healing from it- are coming together to form a person that has never yet existed. i am sincerely so excited to be me, to draw from my work, to exist righteously, creatively and so alive in these coming moments. but my work will be challenged soon, mindfulness has told me so.

i am afraid to go into these scary parts, these challenging parts where i, we, are defining ourselves and how we want to love and live. i am scared to sever these chains that have been with me, with us, holding us safely captive to the distorted ways love manifests itself in our capitalist disconnected world. i know it’s liberating to break free and i feel it sometimes too but i am afraid.

i will be feeling many feelings soon.

i will experience loss and others will too.

i will experience fear and others will too.

i will experience isolation and perhaps, others will too.

i will experience truth, power and profound evolution

and i hope others will too.

i wish us determination and abundant love.

to me, love and justice are the same. it would be impossible for me to separate one from the other. it is because i love and want to love stronger- without alienation, without competition, with the people-that i resist in the name of justice. love is radical in all senses. it’s not a piece of paper, it’s not a sweet story of romance, it’s not i love yous, it is acting in accordance to the most righteous, in accordance to the liberation of ourselves, community and life.

he affirms our marriage and he affirms our genocide,

bodies discarded on red sand and green forests,

on urban concrete and in darkened cells.

he affirms our marriage and he affirms the theft of our people,

of our history and of our families,

of our sustenance and of our land,

of our time and of our labor,

of our potential

to self preserve, to resist, to create for ourselves.

he may affirm marriage but he does not affirm love,

he does not affirm love,

he does not affirm love

but we will.

we will affirm ourselves, our people,

this soil, this living, this breathing,

we will affirm who we are, what we are

and everything we want to be.

we will affirm our revolution,

we will affirm our liberation,

we will affirm our creation,

we will affirm.

what feels supportive when i feel invisible?

  1. notice that the feelings arising are coming from this specific place.
  2. check the impulses to either hide behind invisibility or scream myself into existence.
  3. affirm self: i see myself thoroughly, wholly and joyously for how could i not? i am the product of my ancestors, the universe and infinite light.

i have all of life within me.