i have noticed that the different periods of dialectical shifts in my life- experiencing the trauma, processing, growing and healing from it- are coming together to form a person that has never yet existed. i am sincerely so excited to be me, to draw from my work, to exist righteously, creatively and so alive in these coming moments. but my work will be challenged soon, mindfulness has told me so.

i am afraid to go into these scary parts, these challenging parts where i, we, are defining ourselves and how we want to love and live. i am scared to sever these chains that have been with me, with us, holding us safely captive to the distorted ways love manifests itself in our capitalist disconnected world. i know it’s liberating to break free and i feel it sometimes too but i am afraid.

i will be feeling many feelings soon.

i will experience loss and others will too.

i will experience fear and others will too.

i will experience isolation and perhaps, others will too.

i will experience truth, power and profound evolution

and i hope others will too.

i wish us determination and abundant love.

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  1. i love this. it’s an amazing thing you’re doing to dwell and know you’re about to take leap into something that might scare you

    • thank you :) it seems like you’re doing the same thing with your trip/move to LA! yay for traveling into challenges with power <3

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