(photo by moon: http://propelledbyfire.wordpress.com/)

slender; shades of camel hyde and desert mountains

finger beads of slow breath and spirit.

i do not pray, ask or expect

but graze,

graze tasbih¹ carved of wood

and holy intention.


¹tasbih- prayer beads.


creative observation exercise #10

i wish for cool sand to texture wiggling daring toes

moonbeams bounce twinkles off deepened

blue of black hue

slow dance with you of seashell eyes,

with star-drenched night,

if both will have me

sea-drum rhythm, flutes of romance and fantasy

almost in flight from flying so high on whims and fancy


our dreams are never too big.


sinking through soil, damp.

i am nurtured again today.

i tend to myself as only i could

with seeds of new beginnings,

clear, flowing water for my healing.

yes, i see myself growing.

slow but season’s are inevitable

and the rain will surely come,

surely it will come.


so all of me’s rest inside the millions,

no trillions of pounds, no tons,

of brown thick forever earth.

i am not still but resting,

breathing quiet, inching upwards

towards all that is reaching in-

my life, my sun.

i let it penetrate every direction

of body and it does with

spiritual consent.


and you, my dear dear friend,

walking through all my layered beings,

my infinite experience of

what was, is and going to be.

you, my wandering friend,

will have so much of me to know.


i warn you, my friend of adventure,

you may get lost down my many many paths-

i sometimes do too.

but i only want you to find me,

find so much of me and all of me

that you will not be led astray,

at least not for too long.


here’s the trick, friend-lover-stranger,

and don’t go loosely spilling words, or

spill… who cares:


the fruit that i bear leads you

back home to me. so let your lips

wrap over my round and curved,

sweet berried memories coat insides

as i make my way down you-

receive me

and you will know where to go,

you will know where to go.


(15 minute free write: an orchard of you/ an orchard of me. @ Sugar Cane, a writing workshop for QWOC)

the first hours.

she couldn’t get out of her warmth today; filling up the spaces between limbs, toes, breasts, under neck. sun shining in, there was a glow about arina lying there in bed. she always had this about her as if light just craved her company.

“we were laying there for hours, xara, like lions in the shade- with nothing to do, nothing to fear.” aya’s eyes shifted to the outsides in the window, mouth smiling like she was tasting something familiar and sweet, again.

“talking happened. talking, sharing, feeling. feeling the pain of yesterday, the ease of today, feeling our bodies intertwined in those shapes of puzzles and twists, melting into each other like comfort. we were sunday on a saturday.”


we will not be afraid.

we will cultivate our power deep within us

that power that has been with us

since our evolution into living

that power that exists whole and

beyond in who we’ve become

and who we will be

and we will not be afraid.

take root in earth’s body.

penetrate its brown skin,

sink downward to connect

root. to. root

finding strength in unity

finding stillness in our strength

for the elements will shake you

but you, my powerful ones, will move

move with the elements that

earth generously gives

whether it be fire, water, wind of air

whether it be of your desires or distastes

the earth gives to you generously

all that you will ever need

to become so wholly, so fiercely

alive again.

(this is a moonspell conjured under the lunar eclipse, the full moon and the power of the bleeding cunt)