the first hours.

she couldn’t get out of her warmth today; filling up the spaces between limbs, toes, breasts, under neck. sun shining in, there was a glow about arina lying there in bed. she always had this about her as if light just craved her company.

“we were laying there for hours, xara, like lions in the shade- with nothing to do, nothing to fear.” aya’s eyes shifted to the outsides in the window, mouth smiling like she was tasting something familiar and sweet, again.

“talking happened. talking, sharing, feeling. feeling the pain of yesterday, the ease of today, feeling our bodies intertwined in those shapes of puzzles and twists, melting into each other like comfort. we were sunday on a saturday.”


2 thoughts on “the first hours.

  1. To me you exist very much like the sun, whose nurturing light reflects against the moon, illuminating paths that draw us closer within…I’m grateful to be drawn closer to you.

    So much inspiration and love

    • i want to say all the ways you are to me but you stole words from my lips as you are so prone to do.

      i’ll say this for now: you open me and provoke my internal poetics; my only hope is that they find their way back to you in gratitude <3

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