the force of 7 billion tons of gooey heart. part I.

we are tired of capitalism forcing us to deplete ourselves. we are exhausted of self being taken from self, of time being used for gains senses will never touch, taste, see, hear or feel, of being killed day in and resurrected day out. capitalism is no walk through cherry blossoms, no bare feet on bending grass; it is never the multiplicity of what brings us joy. it is a demand to give self endlessly with absolutely no reciprocity; capitalism is a demand to survive without the demand to live.

it is with this demand of mere survival and non-mutuality that capitalism becomes the greatest architect of walls and separation. and when we, as the working class, the oppressed, and the struggling-to-just-make-it, are asked by activists to give to this relief corporation needing money or that bill needing a signature but more importantly, when we’re asked by revolutionaries to join the struggle, to organize and to resist, so often we walk a little bit faster, so that we can keep what little we have left.

this is our challenge and purpose, as revolutionaries: to brick by brick burst open walls so spaciousness can fill residence, the spaciousness of sensing our collective suffering, of expanding vision through creativity, of fighting for our liberation. when we outreach, politicize, agitate, when we hold events, classes, protests, our goal cannot be to bring as many people to whatever necessary action of the day or to enlighten folks to the correct ideology. our intention as revolutionaries is to relate. this is a necessity for building a revolutionary base. we must relate to our community as vividly as we can, as connected to one another as we can reach into, so that hearts begin to widen because the absolute conviction for collective liberation can only take place in big wide hearts.

the question now becomes how can we relate our common struggle?


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