i have lost something too.






over 55 dead in bombings in iraq. 
the deadliest day in over a month.

4 dead in u.s. drone attacks in pakistan.

ongoing hunger strike in guantanamo 
leave inmates nearly corpsed.

capitalism exploiting bodies, 
neoliberalism exporting displacement and 
occupation binding movement.

cue rage:

how dare you mourn the loss of the lives taken on your soil of red, white and blue

while you wage war on every land and people with skin of melanin

while our dead lay nameless

killed by

your police

your policies

your capitalism

your justice

while you remain patriot to a flag that hungers for power

while you carry gandhi posters, peace signs and chant



how dare you call us

evil, violent and inherently suspect

after you’ve

gunned down,



and tortured

our mothers,

our fathers,

our families,

our people,

our land.


how dare you take away my ability to


i lay awake



for just as you

do not mourn

the loss of

our people

by your patriotism,

i can no longer

mourn the loss of


today i mourn self

for i have lost something too:

a mind that moves beyond the comparison of suffering

and a heart open so wide that it can hold the pain of

all who suffer.


18 thoughts on “i have lost something too.

    • hey love,

      thanks for thinkin to send this to me. the link takes me to the homepage of youtube not to anything by bertrand russell. resend if you wish :)

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  2. I find it hard to emphasis with death and violence that happens in the USA, mostly because of the reason you have highlighted – USA military action in foreign countries (but also the stupidity of allowing every person the opportunity to have guns as well as the horrible lack of social welfare). I also find it hard because I feel the pressure of the USA media infiltrating my country – trying to make NZ buy into the “American Dream” – this dream is an illusion and is built on the suffering of others.

    • right? the concept of the american dream is vomited all over the world. it creates such divisions, such stunningly false narratives, it gives folks within our borders and outside of them hope that everyone can have what the capitalists have. but if that was the case, we wouldnt have capitalism- that only exists under the framework of have and have nots, privileged and deprivileged, oppressor and the oppressed. so the only way of having the american dream is to smash capitalism, borders and these fucked up ways of relating to each other.

      • yes, the American dream is vomited all over the world….and so many people IN America are never given the opportunity to achieve the “American Dream,” it’s a joke.

    • thanks love, i appreciate that. ain’t it a trip the feeling of isolation we can feel because our feelings, our identities and our struggle aren’t reflected back to us? the more i build community, heal what can be healed and organize to heal what i cannot yet heal by myself, the more my feelings of isolation break a part.

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  4. What is your name? I am using your poem for a class presentation and would like to give you the appropriate credit. Thanks,

    • hey manu,

      that’s dope that you’re doing that. what class is it for? would love to know your thoughts and analysis of it.

      anywho, hope it goes well, love.

      and my name’s aneeta :) nice to kinda meet you.

  5. this is beautiful. absolutely beautiful. brought tears to my eyes. thank you for this. thank you for being able to say what a lot of find difficult to say.

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