diagonally pierced heart

through the cage that holds it

eyes now the shape of pistachio

before they’re broken open

except these eyes already are

they pink instead of white

wet instead of dry

stomach compressed and coiled

maybe she entered there too

rummaging around

throwing this piece there

that piece where it never belonged

she lost something, i’m sure

or maybe it’s not her,

just something i ate


i’m familiar with pain again

not friends yet

no gifts exchanged

or nothing

just getting reacquainted

i’m noticing pain,

she runs cold.


a momentous occasion

when heart breaks


for the first time


the last

all i feel is the


of why

of the tenderness

squeezed between

of screams and thuds

of screams and thuds

of screams and thuds

of trying so hard

feelings would bleed