when we free ourselves from attachment, impermanence will no longer harm us.


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    • haha i feel that in that to be detached is to be devoid of love, passion and connection. and detached, nope wouldnt want to be without any of those. but in buddhism, which is where i derive the meaning of attachment in this context, attachment is synonymous to clinging- clinging to happiness, clinging to material goods, clinging to ideas, clinging to the past/future, clinging to all things pleasant while having aversion to all things unpleasant. essentially, attachment (or clinging) blinds us from recognizing that change is happening all the time and us not being able to accept this change leads us to suffer more. why is this happy thing not happy more? i want it back. why is this person gone? i want them back. why is this organization falling a part? i want it put back together again. why is this movement dying? i want it to become revolution. if we move beyond clinging into recognizing impermanence, we can learn from these changes and shifts so that we can love more fully- love all that arrives, love the impermanence. thanks for your words. it made me think more deeply <3

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