creative observation #17: 12/12/12 @12:12 AM

it curves. in heat it draws my attention closer as every fall and opening begin to tug at the senses of my awakened self. intimacy begets intimacy. between each atom, much exists. to feel that inbetweenness, that delicious emptiness- the emptiness of being exactly as inbetween is in that moment- empty of ego, conditioning, craving or delusion. i want to live in that space inbetween.

in observation of the movement of and senses within my fingers.

your gaze wraps around every inch of flesh,




like a web from which i cannot be freed.

and may i never be-

free from every melody of i love you

every symphony of kiss and orgasm,

may i never be free from you, my beloved.

and if freedom arrives one mournful day,

may i be caught once again by you,

whisper to soul,

in lifetimes soon to come.


i want to experience walking in rain with you, with our shoes off, feeling the wetness of ground meeting sole. our walk slow to match slow breath. and we’ll be like those two people in the movies who go falling in love under raindrops and thunderstorms. the only differences between us and them are our lovestruck hearts beat underneath breasts and that this isn’t pretend. and then, let’s hold hands as we run in the middle of storm-toned pavement back into our dry home, laughing, shivering and feeling our bodies adjust to the change, searching for warmth. we only need to turn the left knob all the way left and wait. wait as dew and clothes slide off skin onto cold tiled floor. wait for water to soften hard white porcelain, wait for it to rise high enough so our whole beings can drop in… together. together the waiting ceases and our bodies heat to a temperature that warrants in us something more than just taking a nice warm bath.

creative observation #14

we are two puzzle pieces fitting into each other just right. you know, the type of right that knows where each curve and corner is without thought passing through minds, the type of right where edges brush up against before aligning, the type of right that magnetizes connection in the mere meeting of two bodies and spirits.

it is the easy and gentle type of right; from uncertainty to unshakability type of right; the sometimes confusing but workin our brains and heart out type of right.

it is the us type of right that we are.

and again…

and again, israel attacks gaza.

and again, it strikes to kill

those who have endured

decades of children knowing

the ear-deafening sound of death,

of grandparents fighting to survive not only 1948 but

each war, attack, daily persecution



and again,

and again,


and again, israel attacks gaza.

and again, it strikes to kill

palestinian resistance

for calm and quiet evenings,

for laughter uninterrupted,

for celebrations unfamiliar with death,

for the necessities that are now luxuries.


and again,

and again,


and again, israel attacks gaza.

and again it strikes to kill

the determination that carries the people

the heart that beats “liberation”

the fists that spring revolution.


but again,

but again,


but again, palestine rises

in struggle,

in power

and with

the people.