creative observation #17: 12/12/12 @12:12 AM

it curves. in heat it draws my attention closer as every fall and opening begin to tug at the senses of my awakened self. intimacy begets intimacy. between each atom, much exists. to feel that inbetweenness, that delicious emptiness- the emptiness of being exactly as inbetween is in that moment- empty of ego, conditioning, craving or delusion. i want to live in that space inbetween.

in observation of the movement of and senses within my fingers.

your gaze wraps around every inch of flesh,




like a web from which i cannot be freed.

and may i never be-

free from every melody of i love you

every symphony of kiss and orgasm,

may i never be free from you, my beloved.

and if freedom arrives one mournful day,

may i be caught once again by you,

whisper to soul,

in lifetimes soon to come.